Assisting small organizations to add business value by using CMMI to clarify and improve the way they:

  • Deliver Services
  • Develop Software Systems
  • Develop Embedded Software
  • Effect Positive Change

Through our agile approach to delivering consulting, training, and appraisal services, we:

  • Harness process change for the client's competitive advantage
  • Demonstrate the value of changes early and often
  • Reduce unnecessary work
  • Promote sustainable process improvement
  • Maximize stakeholder involvement while minimizing impact on work in progress
  • Provide continuous attention to performance excellence and good process design

Licensed CMMI Services

CMMI for Acquisition
CMMI for Development
CMMI for Services
SCAMPI Appraisals
Introduction to CMMI

Our clients are committed to success!

We help them achieve their goals by assessing, coaching and facilitating…
not by prescribing solutions.

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